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'Shogon Investigations' office was founded in 1992, and since then has led some of the most complex investigations across different sectors, in Israel and abroad.

We employ certified and highly skilled investigators, veterans of local and global security bodies. Based on the diversity and experience of the firm's team, together with advanced technological aids, our teems performs accurate and highly professional investigations in all legal areas.

Our office deals with the exposure of truth, and varied solutions for the security of organizations, companies, small businesses and private assets, against physical and technological intrusions.
The office specializes in complex investigations, and acts through all legal venues to provide its clients with reliable findings, while exposing the truth and within short response times.

Our broad array of services enables professional and effective response to almost any challenge, complex as it may be, to private clients, organizations, businessmen and law firms.
All the services offered by 'Shogon Investigations' are available across Israel and abroad.