Security counseling for businesses

From physical protection of individuals, sites and organizations, to the implementation of the most advanced security technologies, our investigators and advisors directly contribute to the security of assets, including IP assets of our business clients.

Our teams include investigators, security officers and advisors from various security agencies, in Israel and abroad, who specialize in security counseling.

We provide detailed intelligence that allows decision makers to make informed decisions, relating to their most complex challenges.

Our teams are versed in advanced technologies for tracking, monitoring and data collection, and can thus examine breach and weak points in the clients' physical and technological defenses. This in turn leads to the implementation of suitable defenses.

We provide companies and organizations with ongoing (retained) services, in which a full services suite is provided, for the protection of the clients' organization.

Amongst 'Shogon Investigations' clients are public institutions, public companies, banks, government offices, municipalities, private and small businesses.