Bugging (Tapping) Checks

'Shogon Investigations' office provides tapping checks – a series of checks aimed at exposing tracking and espionage means, either physical or virtual, in buildings, cars, computers, objects and mobile phones.

The checks performed with designated technical equipment, the most advanced of its kind, as well as a physical examination.

The checks include;
  • Scanning computers and mobile phones for malicious software
  • Locating RF transmitters in all frequencies - VLF, LF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF
  • Locating transmitters in various modulation methods - AM, FM, PM, and digital ASK, FAS, PSK, QSK
  • WIFI, WIMAX, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, 3G, Bluetooth
  •  Locating IR Laser transmitters
  • Locating VLF- Carrier Current transmitters
  • Locating GSM transmitters, even in stand-by mode
  • Checking AUX channels for Bypass Microphones
  • Locating microphones and recording devices
  • Detecting hidden cameras

Upon completion of scan, the client receives a report detailing the spaces covered, the tests performed and all the findings.

Our office also provides counseling on tapping and espionage protection, by espionage and cyber experts.