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In cases of information damage, embezzlement or breach of trust, only a quick and effective action will prevent further damage, and enable exposure of the truth, realistic damage assessment and supporting evidence for legal action and minimization of damages (both financial and reputational).

'Shogon Investigations' specializes in counseling and provision of solutions for commercial clients, organizations and institutions. We serve decision makers by providing services ranging from asset protection (physical, information and IP), through investigations of business and legal disputes, IP breach or embezzlement, down to competitive intelligence services in Israel and abroad.

The office's teams are experienced in the commercial and institutional areas, and operate in legal and ethical methods to obtain qualitative, legal and valuable results, relating to the client's needs.

Our investigators are versed in advanced technologies for tracing, surveillance and data collection, and can thus identify weak points in the organization's physical and technological protection. These insights allow planning of suitable protections.

We provide companies and organizations with ongoing services (retainer based), of a full services suit for your company's protection.

Amongst 'Shogon Investigations' clients are public institutions, public companies, banks, government offices, municipalities and private businesses.

The office was founded and is managed by Haim Pinhas (Shogon) in 1992, following a varied career in Israel's Police force, as senior investigator in elite units.