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Private Investigations

The private investigations field is complex and dynamic, as it includes personal disputes, marital investigations (surveillance on spouse), skiptracing of missing relatives, inheritors and debtors, asset tracing, labor disputes, Etc.
'Shogon Investigations' operates all over Israel and around the world, employing the best investigators and surveillance experts, veterans of various security agencies, who use advanced technological equipment and act in legal and ethical methods.
Our office specializes in complex investigations, and acts in full discretion and every legal way to provide our clients with reliable and qualitative findings, while exposing the truth and providing fast response time, 24/7.
The office was founded and is managed by Haim Pinhas (Shogon), following a varied career in Israel's Police force, as senior investigator in elite units. 
Contact to set a preliminary meeting in our offices, at no cost and with full discretion.